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Jon M Queen is an economic expert who paid his heed to economics promoting green revolution. Just after his graduation he started working in both restricted and unrestricted sectors in various financial associations. From the starting date of his struggle up to this day (a period of fifteen years) he takes in to his account more than $2 billion financial deals. That’s really a wonderful record that he made on account of that he gained the designation of Managing Director in an elevated organization id est. Jaspen Capital. Since before he was the Director of Phoenix Environmental Products and Services. He has figured out that environment pollution has widely spread due to three major reasons: water stress, waning crop yields and universal tremendous storms; as said by him concerning ecological sponsorship.

Jon M Queen career aspirations found an appropriate platform in form of National Agency of Ecological Investments of Ukraine; he joined as a financial advisor in 2008; and from the very day he played a great role in green revolution. As an active member of this insurgency he established two main policies:
• Environmental control on non-renewable resources of energy
• Synchronized use and sale of renewable source of energy
This verdict was come out during his financial advisory. When the government of Ukraine worked over this policy it gained a significant amount of profit and save in green energy consumption. Jon M Queen DC is always in search of new ways to discover new unsurpassed renewable energy. After realizing the increasing demand for nuclear and renewable energy, Jon done severe efforts and finally got a new technique to pull out heat and electricity securely, by hand. This advanced discovery has discovered out of the existence of a familiar food giving creature, named as chicken. Jon M Queen as well as top specialists of the field claimed that chickens are absolutely competent to give the largest part of heat and electricity for communal consumption. This is the chicken manure (dung); can be used to light up a house after going through some excessive procedures to be converted into renewable energy source.

Jon M Queen DC’s worries always revolve around green energy solutions. By his continuous efforts he is likely to dig out some more new resources of renewable energy, possibly. But in point of fact it should be the worry of every human being; of yours and mine; if we expect a bright, better and safe future of ourselves and for our planet. It is must to realize the value of green energy and to work for find out more means to preserve it; as time calls for.

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